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Passion, Talent and Opportunities

Mosaic is a close family of talented and dedicated people who strive to do great work and live meaningful lives.



Creating an exceptional product or providing a great service is no longer enough. So we begin every project with discovery. We build a baseline knowledge of your project and establish a case for what's possible.



Your brand is your business. It's a blank canvas with endless possibilities. We design and develop stunning visuals that tell a remarkable story. We also know a thing or two about branding, websites and media.



A small decision can have a big impact on your success. Whether you're looking for a one-time experience, or to develop a corporate volunteer program, we're ready to guide you through the entire process.

Mosaic is a creative group devoted to purposeful ventures. We are led by our desire to do work that makes the world better.


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We build successful brands that

connect resources to needs because

we serve to change lives.

Who We Are


Mosaic is a close team of creative professionals based out of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa. We are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to build meaningful brands.

What We Do


We develop strategies that enable organizations to produce exceptional work. This includes everything from finance to operations, management, design, multimedia and mobilizing service trips.

Why We Do It


We exist to create things that enrich lives and promote growth in organizations and communities. We endeavor toward work that drives action, generates results and makes the world better.




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We love new ideas and creative minds so much that we've assembled a team of design masters and multimedia gurus.



Design is our sweet spot. With conceptualized visuals, we deliver comprehensive designs with customized bold, clean marks, typeface and color palettes.



Your business has a story. Our process shares that story through customized visuals across various mediums. This helps you maintain brand consistency.



With your close involvement, we give you a competitive advantage through the production of beautiful, engaging photography and videography. 

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Social responsibility isn't something that you just support. It should be experienced through participation.



We coordinate service events for organizations and individuals that make a positive impact in the lives they touch. We hope to start a ripple effect, bringing change to the people we serve and the communities we build. 



We communicate crowdfunding for service projects by making it a fun, meaningful experience that changes lives. Ultimately, we help organizations and individuals use their time, talents and treasures to serve others. 



We create service trips that are culturally balanced with inspirational work, rewarding experiences and adventurous activities. We're known for helping organizations authentically connect with people.

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